The begins

Bertuetti spa was founded in Brescia in 1930.The Bertuetti name became famous the world over as the firm that introduced the bread making machines which came to be known as “moulders”.

The arrival of the moulders revolutionized production methods, simplifying a process that had previously been manual.As industrial production became faster, the need of a system for precise weighing and cutting came up.

Our answer: the “divider”.The “dough divider-moulder” combination was the foundation on which automatic integrated machines were based.

Exhaustive research combined with new mechanical technique development and invaluable suggestions from “master bakers” were the begginnings of the earliest success of the famous Bertuetti machines.

Increasingly, the Bertuetti enterprise cooperated with master bakers, becoming the preferred industrial producer of bread making machines such as mixers and long and round loaf moulders which had been engineered using rapid technological progress.

The 60s Towards mass production

In the sixties, as industrial mechanics developed and new electronic devices became available, integrated machines advanced into complete systems based on electromechanical technology
This development led to the creation of the first machines called Automatic Groups able to divide and mould the dough automatically.

In the seventies, innovation transformed these Groups into a single compact revolutionary Group, a product without equals in terms of cost and space containment.

The center of the new development was the first cutting system using knives with slow dough-lamination, the ROTATIVE® system. The advantages of the new system caused no stress to the dough thereby obtaining better development after cutting.

The 80s: Specialization

In the eighties, Customer requirements combined with considerable investment in R&D with new technologies.

This led to an historic renewal of the Bertuetti company and its machine system.The Bertuetti sales success was confirmed in the nineties as Bertuetti rapidly became an undisputed leader in the field, having based its core-business in moulding and dividing machinery.

Bertuetti became synonymous with quality and tradition in the bakery world market, this target was obtained by constant technological improvment already developed by Bertuetti seventy years previously.

Today Simplex, Rotative and Universal technologies are the fruit of a corporate culture steeped in bread making tradition and innovation, renowned for easy dough moulding and no stress dough lamination.


Recently, with the new, modern and functional factory, the aim of the Bertuetti company was to increase R&D investments with Customer Care Managment and further development in the art of bread-making.

Technical innovation was implemented, using the advise of our Master baker, in order to meet every market expectation and adapt to the creativeness of our Customer.In this way, our latest innovation, Universal®, was designed as the machine which completely satisfied all Bertuetti Customers.

Universal is the correct dividing system for every kind of dough. It is capable of producing any required shape, including ciabatta, French flute, grissini, bread rolls and much more.Today Bertuetti is a world leader in bread making machines. Today Bertuetti is a world leader in bread making machines. Bertuetti: culture, talent and pure innovation.

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