For soft and hard doughs, direct or rested doughs; for bread production. Connectable to any dough moulder.

Machine description

Main characteristics:

  • different sizes available stainless steel hopper;
  • aspiration chamber with stainless steel cutter;
  • weighting chamber with 1 or 3 bronze pistons;
  • 18 strokes per minute (18 pieces per minute or 36 pieces per minute in case of 3 pistons);
  • 100% weight accuracy from 50 to 3800gr by the different versions (D300/400/500);
  • oil recycled lubrication;
  • the easiest cleaning;
  • double exit belt left or right or sole frontal exit belt only in case of 1 piston (to connect to moulders);
  • adjustable flour duster on exit belt;
  • remote start/stop control;
  • machine assembled on wheels;
  • CE certificate;
  • dimensions: mm 1260×1280(exit belt not included)xH1803.

Galleria Video

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